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People should not be afraid of their government.

The government should be afraid of their people.

There is nothing more dangerous than a true believer [in all walks of life]

The insurgence of hate that has come with all things Trump, campaign trail forward, serves as a bitter reminder that people became complacent and were duped into believing the notion of a post-racial and truly progressive America because President Obama was elected, twice. In reality, the freedoms that are supposed to be inalienable in America are in more danger now than ever before.

Donald Trump is going after seemingly everyone who isn’t in the upper one percent, specifically the white [male] elite within that group, and there really is no rhyme or reason to who his path of destruction will negatively impact. Trump’s policies and actions thus far have led to people making strong evidenced-based comparisons between him and people like Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini.

A federal appeals court has just moved to uphold the FCC’s net neutrality rules, causing those who oppose the Trump Administration’s efforts to turn the internet into a corporate playground to rejoice. The battle over net neutrality is, however, not yet over.

I am surprised at the inaction of the majority… people are in a daze which looks like they don’t care about how the US is moving toward a dictatorship or police state, towards a government that smashes free thinking. Soon you will see the USGESTAPO pulling out of the anchor chair the reporters from news outlets, right in front of the audience watching the news. Then, shutting down the media outlets that spokes against the government. And even worst, I can see the same about getting the USGESTAPO knocking down your door and taking you away with no reason…

Posts entre el 24 de abril y hoy 1 de mayo de 2017

White House Looking At ‘Constitutional Amendment’ To Silence Free Press. OMG! DICTATORSHIP ON THE WAY

Still amazes me the low this man can go… he can’t even put a complete, understandable sentence together. The great of this video is the reporter who kept his professional attitude higher than the dumb ass Americans have as president…

from the misogynist asshole in the WH…

Documents obtained by Foreign Policy indicate that the Trump Administration is apparently planning to impose massive cuts on State Department programs that serve women’s development around the globe.

What do you expect? Gosh…. somebody do something, and fast….

De verdad que ese #TedCruz es un lambeculo de primera clase…

Unfortunately, the internet has also become a place for those who have low self-esteem and no courage, to bully others in ways they wouldn’t dare imagine if face to face with the person/people they disrespect online. Keyboard courage, cyber gangster, typing thug, or whatever you call them, internet bullies are the worst kinds of punks.

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